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Eric B. Avatar

Well I haven't been to the dentist in 7 years, so suffice to say, I was nervous. I had a broken tooth that needed treatment so I looked for the highest rated dentist in network for my insurance that was close enough to get to. Clear Sky Dental has lived up to the hype. After a last minute rescheduling due to a family emergency. they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at ease. If I had one word to describe the experience it would be Jovial. The whole atmosphere was upbeat. Despite the significant seriousness of my broken tooth, the doctor wanted to focus on the positive aspects of it all, which left me feeling like I had found the best place for my treatment. I look forward to this Journey ,as the Doctor put it, for the betterment of my teeth health and well being.

Eric B. 10/13/2021
sweeT “. Avatar

If you live in the area and are looking for a new dentist 10/10 highly recommend. As long as I live in Portland I will continue to go to Dr. Lee’s office because they truly are the only dentist I’ve ever felt comfortable at and receive great work and attentive care.

sweeT “. 10/12/2021
Thomas K. Avatar

Googled "dentist" in my area and found Clear Sky, they looked like a friendly place so I booked an appointment.
Apon arriving I found that they are infact very friendly, great to work with, and people with a great sense of humor.
I havnt been to the dentist in many many years so I was a bit nervous, but they didn't make me feel bad at all about the state of my teeth.
I left with a clear outline of future procedures and a good financial plan to make it happen.
They're great to work with!

Thomas K. 8/23/2021
Courtney P. Avatar

The staff are extremely friendly, the conversations were amazing and organic I felt like I knew them my whole life. They were not afraid to answer all my questions, they really broke it down for my how my treatment would go and made sure I understood everything every step of the way. 10/10

Courtney P. 7/07/2021
Diana B. Avatar

I’ve seen quite the number of dentists throughout my life and I can confidently say that Dr. Lee is one of the best! I am so grateful that my friend recommended him, and I want to do the same to those looking for someone who’ll be kind, informative, and professional all at the same time. Dr. Lee takes his time with his patients and goes out of his way to provide the best service they can get. He will actually talk to you and give you options as to how you would like to proceed with your oral health plan. See Dr. Lee and you will be glad you did!

Diana B. 6/28/2021
dagmawit k. Avatar

I was very happy with my experience at clearsky! They made me feel so comfortable and took great care of me!

dagmawit k. 6/22/2021
Becky H. Avatar

I hate going to the dentist. Always had an excuse. Fortunately I found this office and the entire office made me so comfortable and welcome. My fears and concerns were handled with the utmost respect and care. Dr. Lee, Caitlin, and Charity are the best. I highly recommend this office.

Becky H. 6/07/2021
theresa t. Avatar

Clear Sky was great! Dr. Lee was super nice and the staff was wonderful. I'm excited to have found a great dentist in my neighborhood!

theresa t. 5/11/2021
Karl M. Avatar

I’m not a fan of the dentist and yet this place made me feel comfortable and at ease. Highly recommend!

Karl M. 5/10/2021
Matt B. Avatar

Quick and very cost effective. Will definitely see them again.

Matt B. 4/22/2021
Barbara G. Avatar

Fred and I think that Dr. Lee is articulate, explains all procedures clearly. He is proficient and very easy to talk with. The office is maintained in a very clean manner. Staff are pleasant and professional. We have been very impressed and do not hesitate to trust his expertise, and would recommend him to any potential patient, of any age group.

Barbara G. 4/16/2021
Andrew B. Avatar

Was that a fun experience? I dare say the staff are so nice it was! For not having gone to a dentist in over 10 years I feel this was a great place to have picked.

Andrew B. 1/27/2021
Jackie S. Avatar

Had a very nice experience with the dentist and staff. I hadn’t been to the dentist for a long time and not originally from the area so I didn’t know who to contact, found this office and they were a great fit. Anyone who is having hesitancy in making contact with a dentist I would highly recommend this office. They listen to your needs and concerns and I didn’t feel “judged” for not going to the dentist for a long time and having a dental problem.

Jackie S. 1/21/2021
Timothy L. Avatar

The best dental care I have ever experienced! The staff made me feel like family. Dr. Lee is very professional, courteous, and friendly. He does not rush the procedure but rather makes sure his patients are happy with the work. This is a great place to go take care of your teeth. Everything was on time and it was an extremely professionally run office. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Timothy L. 1/12/2021
Rick M. Avatar

Dr. Lee is one of the best Dentists I’ve ever had. He is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. I felt very comfortable when he worked on my filling and it was pretty much painless. I will be back soon for a cleaning and whatever needs to be done. I highly recommend him.

Rick M. 12/29/2020
Cage J. Avatar

I recently moved near here so I switched, Dr. Lee is the sweetest! He made sure I was comfortable and didn’t feel embarrassed about anything. He’s the best! I will be returning from now on!

Cage J. 12/04/2020
Britt R. Avatar

This was possibly the best dentist experience I've had in my life. They were accommodating, time-efficient, and extremely nice. They were also very open and knowledgeable. I learned more about certain procedures than I ever have and definitely look forward to going back!!

Britt R. 11/16/2020
Cheyanne P. Avatar

I was terrified of going to the dentist until I went to Dr.Lee. he made my visit very comfortable and I wasn't scared at any point. The whole office is very positive and uplifting. Highly recommend

Cheyanne P. 11/03/2020
Jay L. Avatar

Dr. Jason Lee and his staff are amazing...I won't go anywhere else for my family's dental needs!

FOLLOW UP: They went over and beyond to resolve a billing/coverage issue with my insurance (insurance refused to pay), and ended up saving me a considerable amount of $ out of pocket. I've never experienced this superior level of customer service from a dental practice, they really care about their clients. Thank you for everything Clear Sky Dental!

Jay L. 10/13/2020
dorjee k. Avatar

Great service very friendly. I absolutely recommend Thanks Doctor Lee and staff.

dorjee k. 9/30/2020
Barbara G. Avatar

Dr. Lee takes his time to answer questions and explains procedures in detail. He has always been thoughtful, knowledgeable , gentle and kind. The staff are nice and asepsis protocols are followed. A true physical plant benefit for anyone with mobility issues is that there are no steps to navigate, only the entrance threshold from the flat parking lot directly in front of office building and in clear view of Stark street.

Barbara G. 9/10/2020
Jonah H. Avatar

Dr Jason Lee is a very good Dentist who always caters to his customers needs. When I went in for a cleaning and an Invisalign treatment , he did everything he could to help me out and also made sure that I got taken care of. If you are in the Gresham or Clackamas or Portland area, go to him for any Dental needs of yours.

Jonah H. 8/25/2020
SALAAD O. Avatar

I had a new patient exam and full month x-ray with ClearSky Dental on August 18th. First they gave fast appointment, I had oral evaluation with a very friendly Dr. Lee. Overall, Dr. Lee and his professional staff were very professional, friendly and kind, answering all my questions in detail and clear. Told me what to expect for the upcoming appointments and how treatment plan looks like. Amazing people! I absolutely recommend.

SALAAD O. 8/18/2020
Felton W. Avatar

I highly recommend Clear Sky Dental to anyone based on the quality of work, the level of professionalism and the atmosphere. The place is great and the staff are extremely welcoming.

Felton W. 8/05/2020
Mike J. Avatar

I would recommend this Dentist to everyone. He is gental and well prepped. aswell as very intelligent. you can tell he loves his career. The quality work he does really shows that. I have took both my children to his Office with No complaints in anyway. If you have had a bad experience with previous dentist try Clear sky Dental. The cost is very reasonable aswell.

Mike J. 7/29/2020
Ruberto E. Avatar

Best place ever! DR Lee and his staff very kind. And do the best for you! I highly recomend this place! You need help for you teeth? Go to them!

Ruberto E. 7/23/2020
Jordan R. Avatar

A very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend this dental office.

Jordan R. 7/14/2020
NrrfDAX Avatar

After months of discomfort and a frustrating back and forth with insurance carriers I was finally able to find a solution given by Mr. Lee and Charity the receptionist and receive the help I desperately needed. Everyone there made me feel very comfortable getting work done I was unfamiliar with. They’re very welcoming and professional in their positions. I’d highly recommend this place, it’s local and convenient.

NrrfDAX 7/12/2020
Cory H. Avatar

What an amazing group of people! Everyone from reception to seeing Dr. Lee just really helped me have a great experience. I had avoided the dentist for a long time because it was always uncomfortable, but Dr. Lee and his staff were friendly and informative and my teeth look and feel better than ever!

Cory H. 7/04/2020
Bryan P. Avatar

Very polite and professional and extremely easy to get an appointment

Bryan P. 6/11/2020